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Lexus Distance Plans
Welcome to the growing group of value –conscious people who drive Lexus. We are proud of the advanced engineering and quality construction of each vehicle we build. The Lexus Distance Plans give you and all Lexus owners peace of mind and fixed costs motoring. The Lexus Distance Plans are fully supported and approved by Toyota SA Motors. The Lexus Distance Plans are designed to give you, the motorist, a value-added product that supports your needs by containing motoring costs. Lexus Distance Plans offer all customers access to service at any Lexus dealership in South Africa and Lexus dealerships in our neighbouring countries, i.e. Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana. The Lexus Distance Plans cover all your normal operating condition services up to 4 years/100 000km. All servicing must be carried out according to the specified service intervals stipulated in the vehicle’s Book of Life to ensure that the Distance Plan and the vehicles warranty remains valid. All Lexus owners have an option to upgrade the Lexus Distance Plans. Lexus offers our customers various options in terms of choice of cover, dependent on individual requirements.

Please feel free to contact your nearest Lexus dealer for the various options to upgrade you Distance Plan. We at Lexus appreciate and value your support and aim to make vehicle ownership a positive experience for all our customers.

Inception Date of Plan
The inception date of the Lexus Distance Plans will be the same as the vehicle’s warranty inception date. The same will apply to all demonstration vehicles sold by a Lexus dealership.

What Does the Lexus Distance Plan Cover?

  • All manufacturer specified services (normal schedule) up to 4 years/100 000km whichever occurs first (*1).


What Does the Lexus Distance Plan Plus Cover?

  • All manufacturer specified services (normal schedule) up to 4 years/100 000km which occurs first (*2).
  • Front disc brake pads (limited to 5 sets)
  • Rear disc brake pads (limited to 3 sets)


What Does the Lexus Distance Plan Complete Cover?

  • All manufacturer specified services (normal schedule) up to 4 years/ 100 000km whichever comes first.
  • Mechanical components – repaired or replaced due to normal wear and tear.


What is not Covered by the Lexus Distance Plans?

  • Obtaining of fuel
  • Engine top up oil and other lubricants and service items required between routine servicing of the vehicle
  • Tyres, wheel alignment and wheel balancing
  • (*1) Maintenance repairs of wearing items for Distance Plan (e.g. brakes, clutches, exhausts, batteries, etc.)
  • (*2) Maintenance repairs or wearing items for Distance Plan Plus (e.g. brake discs, brake calipers, clutches, exhausts, batteries, etc.)
  • Non-Lexus approved additives
  • Paint/ body/ trim repairs
  • Accessories
  • Unreasonable requests
  • Alterations and modifications
  • Driver abuse/ negligence or unreasonable use including any form of competition
  • Insurance related claims and repairs
  • Accident damage
  • Rattles and Squeaks
  • Cleaning of fuel system
  • Cracked or broken glass
  • Expenses incurred at non-Lexus dealers
  • Flood, riot, weather and fire damage
  • Engine tuning
  • Repairs or damage as a result of non-compliance to service requirements or warranty obligations
  • Damage incurred through the vehicle having been driven with insufficient engine lubricants or coolant
  • Any claims arising outside the borders of South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland or Botswana
  • Items requiring replacement as a result of severe operating conditions will be for the customer’s account. The severe operating schedule is not covered in any of the Distance Plans.


Hybrid Battery Warranty
The Lexus reputation for reliability and build quality also applies to our world-leading Lexus Hybrid Drive Technology. Every Lexus hybrid is covered by a comprehensive warranty of 8 years or 195,000km, whichever comes first, which means that your Lexus hybrid is built to last.

NB: Consult your Lexus dealer for more information on your vehicle’s warranty terms and conditions.