It is our pleasure to present to you the very first issue of Life by Lexus( here) – which is actually a modified version of Lexus Life. The magazine revamp is in line with the Toyota (our mother company) principle of kaizen or continuous improvement.

What has not changed, though, is our commitment to being part of everyday lives and experiences of people who consume our content. We are aware that their lives do not only revolve around Toyota and Lexus products – they also have hobbies, dreams and aspirations that need to be stimulated.

In that spirit – and given the advent of social media and technological advancement – there has been a huge shift towards digital media, which offers significantly greater ease of access to content. Consumers are now active participants who engage, choosing when and how they interact with their brands. So, because of our belief in active participation and consumer engagement, Toyota Zone has now become Toyota Connect.

Due to the limited number of printed copies of Life by Lexus, we recommend that you please download your free issue on desktop, tablet or mobile phone on: here and let us know your thoughts. The online version is now easier to navigate, far richer in its offering, and a lot more attractive.